Please remove your adblocker

Alex, May 6, 2016 16:32

Please remove your ad blocker

Today I visited a website with content I wanted to read but it showed me the following message:
We have detected you are using an Ad blocker. Our website is free because we publish ads to pay the bills. Please consider unblocking your blocker for this website.
There was no space to leave a message or comment or explain my motivation to run an AdBlocker. And more and more published run these AdBlocker-detection scripts. An AdBlocker-detection-Blocker will be a thing very soon. But here is my comment for all publishers that ask me or will ask me in the future to disable my adblockers.
Dear Publisher,
You rent out parts of your website to companies you know very little about. They sell this space to other parties you didn’t even know exist. I visit your site in good faith and trust you to send me only decent content. But your partners I do not trust and you do not trust them either because you refuse to use your own domain to serve their ads. They use the ad space you provide to
  • * Install tracking cookies I do not want and will block always,
  • * Serve malware, by accident so they say.
  • * Serve megabytes of tracking scripts on my 3G connection I do not want.

What you need to do so I will turn off my ad blocker is:

  • 1) Serve ALL ads and scripts yourself, from your own domain.
  • 2) Serve all tracking cookies from your own domain.
I do not mind being tracked around your site(s). You are probably doing this already using session cookies. I do not want to be tracked cross sites. There is no gain for me. "More relevant ads" is not a gain for me.
I do not mind seeing ads as long as you will take full responsibility for them. If you rent out pixels on your website to criminals, by accident or not, I will know who to sue and claim my damages.


Alex, @HackPending