Dutch Hack Law in the making

Alex, November 30, 2015 07:10
The Dutch government is preparing a new law that would allow police to "hack" suspects. This all to prevent terrorist attacks but the law is generic and can be applied to all kind of suspects and crimes. The two secret agencies (AIVD and MIVD) that are supposed to fight terrorism in The Netherlands already have the authority to hack and tap anyone. The new law will also allow local police to hack or listen in on any suspect. Experts say the threshold is very low and even suspects of a bike theft could be hacked or tapped.


Because more and more communication is encrypted end-to-end,police need to break into a smartphone or laptop to see the unencrypted data. This invasion of privacy and hunt for zero day bugs in commercial software would benefit the state surveillance programs but privacy advocates (BitsOfFreedom) say it would lead to insecure phones which would not benefit the citizens of Holland.

Decrypt or do time

Another controversial part of the new law is the decrypt-order. Suspects can be forced to decrypt their disks to allow police to investigate the content. Not complying with this order can lead to a prison sentence. According to the Dutch constitution suspects cannot be forced to aid in their own conviction. Please note the new Hack-Law talks about suspects, not convicted criminals.